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Used Food

Corpse Flower

Used Food

Corpse Flower
Special Valentines Day Issue
Issue #4
So many corpses... so little time
Christine Smells the Roses

In this issue...

Christina Smells the Roses
Romantic Autopsy pictorial

Sexy Morticians

Lucky Stiffs
We interview Sexy Morticians

Interview with Tiger Lillies

The Tiger Lillies
You can smell the love in the air

Table of Contents

Letter from the Publisher
Deaditor-In-Chief R.S. Rhine

Letters to The Deaditor

R.S. Rhine Spills His Guts

DVD Review
The Stink of Flesh

Music Review
Hot Rod Zombies

In The Nudes
or, "You mean all this time it was legal" ?!?!?

Sex Tips
from Dr. Necco Feelya

Croak of The Month
Winner of the Hostel Movie Contest

Valentine Freak

Strange Guts

G&C in the news, on TV & Radio etc.
updated January 31, 2006

History of Girls & Corpses

History of
Girls and Corpses

How men and women view Valentines Day
How men and
women view
Valentines Day
Valentines Dead Card
Send all of your friends
The Girls and Corpses Valentines Dead Card
Girls & Corpses Wants You!
What does Belladonna want for Christmas?
What does
Belladonna want
for Valentines Day?
Valentines Vibrators

Valentines Vibrators
An indepth survey