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Girls and Corpses Magazine/Films Interviews writer/director CHAD FERRIN about his latest film DOROTHEA The Death House Landlady

GC: Chad, you have had a successful run with writing and directing true crime stories, such as: Pig Killer and Kemper (which we worked on together) and now you will be doing the true story of serial killer Dorothea Puente. Why are you drawn to these crime stories. Why do they need to be told?

FERRIN: The Zodiac Killer had murdered a woman named, Darlene Ferrin, and seeing my last name associated with such a horrific crime as a kid really sparked my interest. I dove into trying to find out if we were related, reading anything and everything on Zodiac and serial killers. I was hooked! True crime is all the more terrifying knowing that the events actually happened, and as a horror filmmaker, when I come across an intriguing story, I want to tell it.

GC: Of all the potential serial killers, why were you drawn to the Dorothy Puente story? What makes her story stand out in the annals of serial killer crime?

FERRIN: After a successful collaboration with Susan Priver, I began looking for other projects for us to team up on. I read up on Dorothea and her life really struck a chord. Well, she's that little old lady next door that wouldn't hurt a fly.

GC: Besides showing Dorothea's evil, often gruesome murders, what would you like to say in this film about this type of person and her crimes. Who was Dorothea Puente in your eyes?

FERRIN: She was someone who had a specific vision of what her life should have been, and it wasn't, so she took a path that no one would expect, not even her. And I can relate that to my own life's dream/goal, so it helped connect the dots.

GC: You cast an ensemble of veteran actors who you like to work with, going back to your early films, such as Easter Bunny Kill Kill. Why do you bring back certain actors to work with again and again, like other directors: The Cohen Brothers, Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton and others. Tell us about why you have made that choice?

FERRIN: It's simple, you find talented people and ya stick with 'em.

GC: Who are you bringing back from your crew to help tell this story? And why? What camera equipment will they be using?

FERRIN: EVERYONE!!! Like I said, you find talented people and ya stick with 'em. Red Komodo, we used it on the last few productions with fantastic results. DP Jeff Billings really makes it sing!

GC: What will be unique about the visuals in Dorothea?

FERRIN: Like on Pig Killer and Kemper, I strive to get the period correct and we'll go for a look that fits it. The script spans from the 1950's to her death in 2011, so the look will evolve with the numerous timeframes. Which is probably the most exciting aspect of the project to me.

GC: Each movie makes you a better creator, as both a writer and director. How will Dorothea make you better?

FERRIN: The numerous periods and material are even more ambitious than ED KEMPER, so I see it as a challenge to amp up my game.

GC: You seem to have an affinity for 80's horror. What are some of the movies, and directors, who most inspire you? And why?

FERRIN: Everything put out from Roger Corman, Cannon Films, Orion Pictures does for me. It was a time for great music, practical effects, weird storylines and naked women...I miss the 80's!

GC: It's getting harder and harder to make movies that make a profit. Budgets have come way down after studios have made risky movies, even with 'A' actors, resulting in lower box office returns. You have chosen the low budget route. Do you miss not being in the studio system and having higher budgets? Or, do you feel you can be more free and creative at making low budget films?

FERRIN: I think low budgets have chosen me is more like it. No, I've embraced my lot in life.

GC: Your last films Pig Killer and Kemper highlight the most brutal of killers. Have you received blow back from the public for making these movies, even though streamers like Netflix’s most successful series was The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,

FERRIN: I get death threats from time to time, but that comes with the territory.

GC: What the best worst thing someone has said about you in a review?

FERRIN: Variety said of THE GHOULS, "The ever-diminishing line between legitimate news and exploitation is explored with B-movie gruesomeness in Chad Ferrin's "The Ghouls," a no-budget horror opus shot surreptitiously on the streets of Los Angeles. Using its oft-maligned genre as an avenue for social commentary (much as George Romero did in "Dead" films), exceedingly dark pic is deliberately rough around the edges, offering viewers none of the casual thrills or suspended reality that most contempo horror hits do."

GC: If you could be remember for one of your films, which would it be and why?

FERRIN: As I'm editing ED KEMPER now, it's firing on all cylinders and will be the one to fly the highest.

GC: Where can we watch your films? And what's after Dorothea? Will you be making another serial killer movie?

FERRIN: Good 'ol Tubi has most of 'em! Love to finally get my western made, but we shall where the day takes us.

Robert Corpsy Rhine's Interview with writer/director Chad Ferrin about his latest film


G&C: Chad, tell us about your upcoming H.P. Lovecraft film, your third in the H.P Lovecraft series which you have made, starting with The Deep Ones and followed by The Old Ones. What's the new film adaption about, who stars and why you want to make it?

Chad Ferrin: I've weaved characters from my first film Unspeakable into H. P. Lovecraft's Beyond the Wall of Sleep to create a smorgasbord of cosmic horror.

G&C: Who have you cast for this one?

Chad Ferrin: A fantastic cast that includes: Eddie Furlong, Susan Priver, Robert Miano, Jake Busey, Ginger Lynn, Steve Railsback, Robert Rhine, Elina Madison, Jennifer Drake, Timothy Muskatell, Silvia Spross, Corey Love, Brandon Kirk, Jeffrey Decker, Roger Garcia, Suzanne Sumner Ferry, Jerry Irons and Bai Ling.

G&C: How does your film Unspeakable release to this Lovecraft adaption?

Chad Ferrin: The nightmare aspect of Unspeakable fit so well into Lovecraft's story that it pretty much wrote itself and the excitement of seeing characters from Unspeakable 25 years later is beyond thrilling.

G&C: Thanks Chad. Sounds like you will have a great trilogy here! And I am looking forward to working on our 7th film together!

*The Deep Ones and The Old Ones are both now streaming and available on BluRay. Check your local listings.

Director CHAD FERRIN A Cut Above

The busy horror/thriller director takes another slice at Night Caller with the sequel, SCALPER, starting production this month.

Robert Corpsy Rhine's Interview with writer/director Chad Ferrin

Corpsy: Chad, I have had the pleasure of working with you as both a producer and actor on six film, which you have directed for The Girls and Corpses label: The Chair, Parasites, Exorcism At 60,000 Feet, Night Caller and now the upcoming Scalper, the sequel to Night Caller (winner of eight international film festivals). How does this follow up story advance the narrative in this sequel?

Chad Ferrin: In Scalper, everyone around psychic, Clementine Carter, is being brutally murdered by a crazed killer, dubbed "the Scalper." The question... Is Andrew Lubitz back from the grave, a copycat killer, or a horror beyond imagination? Clementine must use her second sight to save her friends and stay one step ahead of the maniac's blade.

Corpsy: Who from the original Night Caller film are returning to their role in Scalper?

Chad Ferrin: Susan Priver, Bai Ling, Robert Miano, Kelli Maroney, Steve Railsback, Silvia Spross, Robert Rhine.

Corpsy: Any new actors who were not in Night Caller?

Chad: Yes, we've also added, Jake Busey, Kate Patel, Jon Budinoff, Kurt Bonzell, Jennifer Drake and Elina Madison from my last film Pig Killer (out in 2023).

Corpsy: How would you describe the cinematic vision style of Night Caller and Scalper?

Chad Ferrin: They're both heavily Giallo inspired but Scalper will have a double dose of the supernatural elements.

Corpsy: Since you are a huge cinephile, which directors do you think best describes your visual style?

Chad Ferrin: Sam Fuller and Mario Bava with the budgets of Al Adamson.

Corpsy: In Night Caller you made several references to vintage horror films. Will you be repeating this and what do you look for in a vintage film to add to your horror films?

Chad Ferrin: YES!!

Corpsy: Thanks Chad for checking in before beginning reduction on Scalper. I am looking forward to reprising my rose and Detective Fuller from Night Caller in Scalper!

Chad Ferrin: See you on set Corpsy!

Note: Night Caller is now streaming: On Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu. Tubi, RealChill, Prime Video or Apple TV on your Roku device. Watch the Night Caller Trailer here.

Photos from Night Caller @Night Caller Productions

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Robert "Corpsy" Rhine co-stars (as Eric Morris) with Nicole Laino in Vampire Sorority 3D. Kelly Becker co-stars in Vampire Sorority 3D.
Robert "Corpsy" Rhine (center) co-stars (as Eric Morris) with Nicole Laino (left) and Kelly Becker (right) in Vampire Sorority 3D from Sterling Productions out Winter of 2013.  
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