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Magazine and calendar Review by Neo-Zine Magazine:

It is a fullsize, full color, full size print, glossy cover, professionally printed magazine. The overall theme is simple. They pair beautiful young models with decaying corpses. I'm in awe. Why did I not think of this idea first? Before you get any funny ideas, this is all pretty innocent, tongue-in-cheek, above board stuff. This isn't necrophiliac fetish. Nobody is nude or engaging in any sexual activity. As a matter of fact, they make mention several times throughout that necrophilia and the keeping of corpses is illegal (I'm guessing someone's lawyers made sure that sentiment was included.) The girls and the corpses are actually more of a vehicle for grabbing the attention of non-trendy consumer. What will really keep you coming back is the humor. This thing is full of cartoons, advertising parodies,creative writing, and funny pictures that will kepp you grinning like an undertaker. Its much more comic than erotic. There are some (fairly) serious things inside. This issue offers interviews with Sheri Moon Zombie, Bouncing Souls, adult actress Hollie Stevens (who recently did a clown porn movie), Jim Smith (of Ren and Stimpy fame), Jorg Buttergereit (maker of the movie Nekromantik - which is about to have its 20 year anniversary), and lots more. The interviews are light, and they do include a lot of humorous questions. Of course the fans of girls, and the fans of corpses need something too. For the girl fans, the cover features a big picture of Sheri Moon Zombie along with a Rob Zombie look alike corpse. For the corpse fans, there is an overlall death theme to the magazine, tons of corpse cartoons and pictures, + an interview with an embalmer. This zine is going to stir things up a bit. I can't wait till someone from the 700 Club or one of those other moral majority spin doctors gets ahold of an issue. G&C should send free copies. I read mine behind a locked door, because I wan't sure what people would think if they saw me reading it. That alone should be a huge endorsement. I am going to put mine in a storage bag with an acid proof back so that when this thing hits the roof, I will own a pristeen copy of the issue that started it all. I'm sure that it will be a cult collectors item some day.

Neo-Zine's comment of the Girl and Corpses Calendar:

Hell yea!!! Where can I possibly put this so that I can see it without getting run out of town by fire and pitchfork? This is great!!! It is one of my most prized posessions, and I can't even show it t just everyone without making them suspicious. You guessed it!!! Every month is decorated with a quality glossy picture of beautiful girls along with rotting corpses. There is some skimpy dress, but nothing mommy wouldn't want you to see. A lot of it is bikinis, lingere, and skimpy outfits. Most of the corpses even have clothes on. Some of the poses are kind of funny. None of them are terribly erotic, but in a strange way they are sexy. Lets face it. This is freak meaterial. Some people are gonna love it. Some won't understand. Hopefully, some will get pissed!!!