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Porn Star Thanksgiving Recipes
Aka Stuffing The Bird

The Coffin Draggers
We Drag Them Through The Mud

Issue #13...
Happy Carcass Day!!!

In this issue...

Tom gang-Green
Serves us His Head on a Platter

Jennifer Cambra
Thanksgiving Spread

Pilgrims Gone Wild!

How to Lace Up a Turkey
Meet Mizuz Pain

Table Of Contents

Letter from the Publisher
Deaditor-In-Chief R.S. Rhine

Letters to The Deaditor

Common Corpse Phobias
Fright Of The Living Dead

Thanksgiving Enema
With Hollie Stevens

GCN Neccro News Network

Sex Tips
Dr. Necco Feelya

Croak of The Month

Classic Zombie Movies We Wish We'd Seen
Game Reviews
Film Review
Saw 3
Belladonna loves Hell-o-ween! Bizarre Bazaar

Belladonna Loves
Turkey Stuffing!

Bizarre Bazaar
Holiday Shopping

Corpse-a-rism of the month:
"I can smell your brains. Must be Thanksgiving."

Pickled Drunks
Pickled Drunks
Holiday Embalming
Stink Top Stuffing

Stink Top Stuffing

Corpse Kleen

Corpse Clean

Rigor Mortis Rub

Feeling Stiff?
Rigor Mortis Rub

Starbutts Coffee
Thanksgiving Dinner around the World

Thanksgiving Dinner around the world

How To Toss a Salad
How To Toss a Salad
Don't Forget The Cranberry Sauce

Don't forget the Cranberry Sauce

And for Dessert

And for Dessert...

Going back for seconds?

Going back
for seconds?

Thinking vegetarian?
Thinking vegetarian?