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Girls and Corpses #2
So many corpses... so little time
Melissa Carnett and Rotten Eddie

In this issue...

Gets Wet with Rotten Eddie


Behind the Screams
Belladonna and Corpse Reporter Walter Crotchtight. Bellladonna eats someone... literally.

Corpsy the Love Doll Corpsy The Love Doll
And now introducing ... Corpsy Ken!
Table of Contents

Letter from the Publisher
Deaditor-In-Chief R.S. Rhine

Interview with a Crematorium Driver
Charles Mirador Jr.

Waiter There's a Corpse in my Soup!
Cannibal Cookbook recipes by R.S. Rhine

Mr. Dead!
by cartoonist Nenad

Meet The Beaters
Sickcom, episode 1

Music Review
Music - by Dan Morales

Movie Review
"Saw II" by Feo Amante

In The Nudes
or, "You mean all this time it was legal" ?!?!?

Sex Tips
from Dr. Necco Feelya

Letters to The DEADITOR

My Very Own Corpse
Get yours today

Croak of The Month

G&C in the news, on TV & Radio etc.
updated Nov 15, 2005

Waiter There's a Corpse in my Soup!

Meet The Beaters