Girls and Corpses Presents
Exorcism at 60,000 Feet 

Written, produced and financed by Girls and Corpses Magazine founder Robert “Corpsy”Rhine (Cynthia), the script was co-written by Daniel Benton (The Revolting Dead, Jackhammer Massacre), directed by Chad Ferrin (Parasites, Someone’s Knocking at The Door, The Ghouls) and produced by Robert Rhine (Rob Zombie’s 31, Cynthia, Parasites) and Zack Coutroulis (Cynthia, Terror Firmer). Rhine also co-stars in the film.

“We are lucky to have cast a terrific ensemble of veteran and iconic actors, including: Robert Miano (Donny Brasco, The Girl’s Trip, Parasites); Bai Ling (The Crow, Three...Extremes, Crank: High Voltage, Red Corner); Bill Moseley (The Devils Rejects, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, House of 1,000 Corpses); Lance Henrieksen (Aliens, The Right Stuff, AVP, The Quick and The Dead), Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog, Escape From New York, Maude), Kevin J. O’Connor (The Mummy, There Will Be Blood, Van Helsing), Matthew Moy (Two Broke Girls, Marvel’s New Warriors); Robert Rhine (Cynthia, Parasites); Johnny “Roastbeef” Williams (Goodfellas, Honeymoon in Vegas); Jin N Tonic (Aliens VS Titanic, Dracula In A Womens Prison), Silvia Spross (Giallo, Someone’s Knocking at The Door, Parasites); Kelli Maroney (Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Chopping Mall, Night Of The Comet); Sammy The Dwarf (T.I.M The Invisible Men, Love Addict); Gino Salvano (True Lies, Bad Boys II), Kyle Jones (Cynthia, Broken Vows); Craig Ng (Big Trouble In Little China, A Low Down Dirty Shame); Luca Pennazzato (DiGiorno); and, Stefani Peti (Sangre Negra).

Rhine describes the film as, “Airplane meets The Exorcist.” I loved both these films growing up and I have an affinity for dark humor (as our Girls and Corpses readers already know) but this film has a more “grounded dark humor” than Airplane and also has serious moments too, which is not something you often see in comedy films. We are shooting 90% of the movie on an airplane, a Boeing 727 flying on its final flight to Vietnam.  I have worked with director Chad Ferrin on both The Chair and Parasites and he is a warrior on the set with a great filmic vision. But I’m not sure he ever sleeps.”

“We are planning on releasing Exorcism at 60,000 Feet in 2019 on the Girls and Corpses Presents label and we will be meeting with major distributers.”