Nunsploitation Films: Flogging the Flesh of Leather-Clad Nuns with Guns

by David L Tamarin

Sicko perverted NILFs whipping young innocent nuns. NILFs Leather clad nuns out for blood...Lecherous old priests...Women as slaves. Yes, we are talking about nunsploitation films and movies like School of the Holy Beast, Story of A Cloistered Nun, Nun Of That, Halfway House, and more.

I asked “Nun of That” director Richard Griffin a few questions about his film for Girls and Corpses:

G&C:  What is ‘Nun of That’ about? 

RG:  It’s an action/comedy about a group of vigilante nuns called “The Order of the Black Habit” who clean the streets of crime. It has action, gore, lesbian sex and the beautiful Sarah Nicklin. It’s basically The Sound of Music meets Death Wish. What more could you want in a movie?

G&C: Your film is not very politically correct – are you worried about offending people? Are you worried about protests? 

RG: I invite protests! Nothing beats free advertising, you know? Plus, I don’t really give a shit about being politically correct. Some people should be offended. Fuck ‘em.

G&C: Did you do any research into nuns when you made Nun of That? 

RG: Nun what so ever. All I know is that nuns are funny. And supernatural, lesbian vigilante nuns are even funnier.

G&C: Did you go undercover as a nun in a convent? 

RG: Yes...and let me tell you, everything that happens in Nun of That pales in comparison to the real deal.

G&C: How did you come up with the amazing hip-hop song Jesus sings in the movie? 

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