The Passion of Jim Caviezel

Interview by Corpsy

G&C: Thanks, James, for climbing off the cross for this interview to chat about your latest horror film, Nature’s Grave, and other passions. You always seem to take challenging and controversial roles, such as, er, that Jesus guy. Do these roles just fall in your lap or do you go looking for controversial roles?

JC: Some of both. Mel (Gibson) came to me to play Jesus before everyone knew that he was actually about to make the movie. For Déjà Vu, I heard about the project through my agents and really wanted a chance to go nose-to-nose with Denzel and asked my agent to push as hard as he could to get me in the room with Tony Scott to convince him I was the right guy to play the terrorist.

G&C: What a crazy coincidence that your initials are JC, like Jesus Christ. Do you ever feel like you were predestined to play Jesus? How has playing JC changed you? What did you learn from playing Him? And does it ever help get you a table at Spagos?

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