Dolls of The Dead

Giving your Kids Nightmares For A Lifetime

Interview by Corpsy

“Dolls and Dead Things are dark dolls made from real human bone jewelry and are the creations of NM/TX based, comic book artist Miss Christy Lou.”

G&C: So, we hear you make dolls from human bones. Are you trying to steal our act?

Christy Lou: Without a doubt the first is, “Where do you get human bones.” Well, let me assure you that the source is perfectly legal and not the least bit messy.

G&C: So, um, why dead dolls?

CL: I love dolls, I love horror, I love history, I love dead things... OK, there is a bit more than that. I don’t like baby dolls. I don’t really like real, living babies either – I find baby dolls dull and uninteresting (again, much like real babies). The same goes for overly stuffy, floofy porcelain dolls and the like. I like Barbie and other “fashion” adult dolls, I like GI Joe action figures, I like dolls that have their own confidence, their own swagger and for all intents and purposes appear to be grown-ups. I love horror, but I prefer intelligent, suggestive horror instead of out right-blood and guts. I prefer a manipulative ghost to a rampaging psycho killer, in other words. And I looked and looked and could not find dolls that were grown up, beautiful and horrific.

There are a lot of horror dolls out there, but most of them are baby or kiddie-looking, lots of porcelain-type scary dolls, lots of amazingly detailed, incredibly well-made, but extremely gorey figures and dolls – eh, not so much, not appealing to me. So why not just make my own? That has been an art philosophy my whole life: if I imagine it and want it but can’t find it, I will just make it happen...

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