The Magnificently Slutty Seven

We interview Pride, lead singer of the all-kunt band The Deadly Seven

Interview By Corpsy

Photos©Robert Kenney AUDIOVISUAL93

G&C: So, Pride, I saw your kick-ass, insane, girl spitting, bloody hot dog throwing, riot inciting extravaganza at The Key Club in LA. Your band reminds me of Wendy O. Williams meets Sid Vicious at Attica. So, we corpses need to know: is it all an act? Do you live as sinful a life as you project on stage? Or are you a soccer mom who dines at the Sizzler with her three kids and her balding accountant husband? 

P: We have performed many acts indeed … We are the creators of “Kunt” Rock – a new creation and generation of rock-punk-electro-metal with the good ol’ Rock ‘n’ Roll ethics, if you will. I’ve been writing songs for our new all album Parasite City; it’s gonna make you wanna rip your Kunt out! Soccer Moms run from us!

G&C: Mmm … Kunt Rock. Sounds like a band on the Flintstones. Since your band is named Deadly Seven, name seven “deadly” things you have done that you’d rather not discuss – even with your therapist.

P: I’ve done so many deadly things, I can’t pick just seven, but I will amuse you with the first few that pop to mind. I have been to Satanic dinner; had orgies while on stage; drank menstrual blood. I am sin incarnate. I am Lucifer. Pride in all of its glory…

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