The Worms Crawl In … The Worms Crawl Out … In

His Brain and Out His Snout

Abnormal Artist Jeff Gaither

Interview by Corpsy

G&C: What is normal? And abnormal?

JG: It all depends on the person. Nailing your dick to a board and hanging upside-down from chains is normal for one person. Eating breakfast and kissing your wife goodbye before you go to work in a cube from 9 to 5 is abnormal for another person. It doesn’t really matter because in the end, it’s all just a mind-fuck anyways.

G&C: In your sick art, have you gone too far or not far enough?

JG: I don’t think of my art as brutal or disturbing. It’s just fun stuff to look at and take you away from the real horrors of the world, like paying bills, the cost of gas, what new thing they have come up with that will kill you if you eat too much of it, etc. I create what I like. I never think about it going too far or not far enough.

G&C: Best nightmare? Worst nightmare?

JG: Most nightmares are like free horror movie rentals for me. I do have a recurring nightmare where all my teeth start falling out. I am holding bits and pieces of teeth in my hands and I cannot stop them all from falling out.

G&C: I know a pro domme whom men pay to eat beans and food coloring and fart on canvas. What techniques do you use in your artwork and what would you like to experiment with?

JG: Why would anyone want to paint with shit? I consider everything I do an experiment, as I never really know how anything will turn out until I am finished. I may one day try my hand at oil paint again. But oil painting to me is pretty close to painting with shit so it may be a while yet before I try it again.

G&C: Tell us about your bullet cremation plan...

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