Betsy Rue

Fearless, Raw...and Naked 

Interview by Corpsy

Photos by Chris Schultz

G&C: Welcome, Betsy Rue, to our Girls and Corpses crypt! Okay, enough of the chit chat, let’s cut to your nude scene in My Bloody Valentine 3D. Certainly, that movie has put you on the map in cinematic history. For our readers who missed the film, you have the longest running total nude scenes in a horror film...ever. And that’s saying a lot since horror flicks are notorious for topless chicks – frequently followed by beheadings. You sure know how to make a great first impression in Hollywood! Not only have you proven that you are uninhibited but you also proved you can really act! How did you get cast in My Bloody Valentine 3D and what did you think when you first read the script? 

Betsy: I gave a couple higher ups blowjobs. Kidding! Actually, I originally went in for the role of Megan. I obviously was not right for that part but the casting director liked me so she brought me back for Irene a couple weeks later. I came back the next day for Patrick and he had me do the scene a few different ways and then like two weeks later I found out I booked the job. I was so fucking excited because I am a huge fan of horror movies and could not wait to be in one myself.

G&C: Did the producer give you a heads-up that you were going to be totally naked – for a five minute scene? Was the nudity described fully in the script or did that develop on set? And what color did you paint your toenails?

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