The ‘Insane’ Slain Wayne

Director of Alien Sex Fiend and Other Film Classics

Interview By Corpsy

G&C: Thanks Slain for stepping into our crypt. So, I must ask after seeing your insane films… What’s wrong with you?! And how did this sickness get started?

SW: I started out with Extreme Associates 11 years ago with my erotic horror series Terrors from the Clit. It was a vignette series with zombies and monsters having sex with hot girls. But after years of shooting gonzo porn with so many companies the sex became so mechanized it was like looking at a sewing machine – so when that started to happen and the thrill was gone, I knew I had to do something different.

G&C: So you moved onto squid sex?! What made you pick this type of tentacled monster for your film Alien Sex Fiend? I mean, you could have just cast Ron Jeremy and his unwaxed back.

SW: I look to the Japanese for twisted ideas. These squid tentacle fantasies are what they would call “Hentai” but the difference is that they are cartoons and I shoot live with models. In Japan, it’s quite normal to see monsters screwing hot chicks but the irony is that they can’t show their crotch and if you ever watch a Japanese porn you will see that they pixel (or frame out) the genitals.

G&C: So, how much can an alien cum? (This isn’t a trick question)

SW: Gallons! The girls look like they have been Bukkake’d, which is another Japanese fetish.

G&C: What did you use for the alien semen? And is it true that your lead actress Nixon Suicide gagged and nearly drowned? Was it suicide by semen?

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