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She hairy... She’s scary... Be wary

Victoria De Mare is on the prowl

In 2006, the media deemed Victoria “Hollywood’s Hottest Scream Queen.” But it was Werewolf In a Women’s Prison that grabbed Corpsy’s eye. Her upcoming releases for 2009 include: Blood De Madame, Horrorween, Spark Riders, Charlie Valentine, Bio Slime, George’s Intervention, Strangers Online, Happiness Runs and Loving Gram Parsons (which she also produced). So, lookout ... 2009 will be Victoria’s breakout year.

When Victoria first arrived in Los Angeles, she was approached in Hollywood by a team of Scientologists who brought her back to their laboratory. We were able to obtain her secret interview with the Scientologists, which we are publishing now for the first time:

Scientology Inteview #08574666

by Mars Lander

Hello, Victoria, my name is Mars and I would like to ask you a few questions to see if you are Scientology material. Don’t mind the wires, those are just there so we can drain your soul. These are standard questions we ask all our victims ...er ... I mean subjects:

Read this startling secret Scientology interview, with some truly hairy photos, in our print magazine. Click here to order now.