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Mz. Ann Thropik

Interview By Corpsy

Photos by Nic Bezzina and Stella Rae

G&C: What’s up with you and squid? Did your hair smell like squid ass for days? Is it true some women smell like scungilli?

MZZY: Squids are one of my favorite animals; the photographer Nic Bezzina and I collaborated on the idea about half a year ago. We bought the dead squid at the fish markets in the morning and after a seven-hour photo shoot I smelled like the ocean... needless to say I gained a new nickname – “Squiddy.” I’m not sure if women smell like scungilli, but I know some men have a tendency to smell like rotten ham and eggs!

G&C: You are a punk gothic singer with a large following in Australia and now spreading like an infection around the globe. Why do you think your music has caught on? And is there a cream I can put on it? What has been the reaction to your music worldwide and where have you had the best reception?

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