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Welcome to...The Museum Of Death

Interview by Corpsy

The Museum of Death offers everything for the death-ficionado: from execution heads to autopsy beds to embalming meds and lots of bloody reds. It is well worth a visit and you won’t soon forget what you’ve seen. I had to take out my eyeballs and rinse them off after my visit.

G&C: James and Cathee, your Museum of Death is to die for. You have just reopened at your new location in Hollywood. What makes the Museum of Death so special and unique? What is the experience you hope visitors will have going through your museum, besides nausea?

J/C: We like to think the MOD is the only museum in the world dedicated to death. And we hope that the viewer will have a better appreciation for life once they leave the MOD.

Read the entire sickening interview in our print magazine:

Click here to read the entire sickening interview in our print magazine