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Love Thy Neighbor? Or, Take a Hit Out on Them?

Hitman Has A Bullet For You

Interview by The Grin Creeper

Hitman Professional Killings is a privately-owned independent enterprise that specializes in reliable contract killings. They offer a variety of assassination services, customized to suit the particular needs of their clients.

Hitman consists of a small team of highly skilled and experienced specialists. They are the industry leader in innovative killing approaches and have built a lasting reputation of outstanding services for clients on five continents.

Hitman’s basic contracts start at $50,000 per head, not literally, plus expenses. A basic contract includes a simple killing that is traditionally accomplished by administering two rounds of ammunition, at close range, into the back of the head through a silenced .32 caliber pistol.

Hitman even offers discounts for packages of three hits or more, as long as the marks are all grouped together in one geographic location, and as long as their services have to be rendered all within the same timeframe.

How to Order a Contract Killing...

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