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The Creeping Cruds

Interview by Eric “Toxic Toons” Pigors

Cruddy Band Members:

Wolfie – Howls
McNasty – Big Bloody Gretsch
Handsome Jimmy Hanson – Bassacre
Ol’ Dirty Boomer – Skin Beater
Jeano Roid – Horrific Guitar Wankery

G&C: What exactly is a Creeding Crud? I think I have made a few in my pants before.

Jeano: The best visual representation of a Creeping Crud is the three ghouls featured on the cover of Tennessee Bloodbath! Until Unkle Pigors detailed that for us, the best place to find a Creeping Crud might have been in the mail-order section of an old issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine or in a sick baby’s diaper.

G&C: Your brand new CD, Tennesse Bloodbath, which I had the privilege of doing the cover for, is killer! The music is good, old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll meets Tales from the Crypt comics and horror movies. Any favorite horror movies or comics inspire songs on the CD?

Jeano: Every tune on the new one is in some way related to classic or at least modern classic horror: Dracula, Frankenstein, Teenage Werewolf, The Evil Dead, Texas Chainsaw, The Exorcist. Matheson’s Neville and others turn up in songs on the CD, in one way or another. Songs about other stuff sucks and just wouldn’t be Cruddy!

G&C: Do you guys have any great stories from the road you can share with us? I heard a rumor that you used to drive in an old ice cream truck from show to show and store road kill in the freezer for after the gigs. Ever store other kinds of stuff inside? (Groupie pies...)

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