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Ted von Heiland
Heavy Metal Head Plate

Interview By Corpsy

G&C: Ted, your metal art sculptures are brilliantly disturbing and beautiful – a technological nightmare filled with pain and suffering and even a father’s love for his metal offspring. So ...I must know... do you have a metal plate in your head?
TVH: Metal plate? More like a metal skullcap of rusted pain and anguish adorned in jagged spikes and fetal vertebrae. Seriously though, ever since I was a kid, all I ever wanted to be was a cyborg. My mom’s always been a big sci-fi/horror/action movie fan so I grew up on RoboCop, Terminator, Alien, Blade Runner, zombie films and slasher flicks. I guess the elements from these films, mixed in with images from comics and anime, all find their way into my work both aesthetically and thematically.
G&C: Are you a metal-head? Do you listen to death-metal for inspiration or the Jonas Brothers?
TVH: I used to be really into it as a kid. I remember singing “Jump In The Fire,” by Metallica, for my grandmother’s birthday when I was like, ten years old. Nowadays, I’m more of a Nine Inch Nails kind of guy. I do listen to hip-hop, new-wave, alternative, and Prince... wait, did I say “Prince”? I meant Priest... as in, Judas Priest... or what about, Judas Prince...
G&C: Do you get turned on by twisted car wreckage? What’s the last great car wreck you witnessed?
TVH: Are there boobs involved? I crashed my “bat-mobile” into the “bat-cave” and there was a huge “explosion” at the end – does that count?
G&C: Do you consider yourself a dark abstract sculptor? How would you describe yourself and your mad art?

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