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Letters To The Deaditor:

Well, we've been inudated with your email from all over the world since G&C Magazine went to press. I think we saw the letter s WTF a thousand times. We also got hundreds of photos from young lovlies you wanted to be our next corpse cover girl. So keep those comments and photos coming!

Here's what you are saying about G&C Magazine:

“Hey Corpsy, I've been wanting for some time to let you know how much I enjoy your mag.  The articles are 1st rate, the ads are precious, the pix are works of art. As a fan of all that is horror, your mag has broken new ground. I recently bought the current issue. Its GREAT!!!! I love the concept of reviving posthumous executions...maybe there will be an online revival...one can only hope. Humor and Horror hand in hand, just like it should be. In the meantime keep up the great job.  I feel your place in the wonderful world of all that is horror related is solid. “

Susan Ruiz, Zombie Hunter. 

“I was just on the toilet re-reading the Mistress Malice issue and was again laughing at Dick Starr's Celebrity Death Poll. It reminds me of the demented humor Dave Berg had in MAD...heheh. The Dave Berg strip that sticks with me to this day is one of a guy looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. He is plucking hairs from various places on his body. He spies a stray mutant hair sprouting from his shoulder and plucks it. His arm falls off. Hilarity ensues...hahaaa! Yep- I always loved Dave Berg and thinking of that particular strip still makes me laugh. For some reason Dick Starr's work reminds me of Berg. How'd you hook up with that guy? He's great!”


Just wanted to thank you for the Calender. Not only is it a great product, but I ordered it on Friday and received it the following Monday. Super fast shipping! Awesome. Thanks again, G+C!


“Omg I've never seen something this fucked up + its hilarious!!! LOVE IT!”  


Oh my god!! I didn’t think anything could top Bizzare!… So happily proved wrong!


“I totally dig the mag! It might actually be the first magazine that I actually read from cover to cover...lol. That was definitely the case with the first two issues). I'm looking forward to the wealth of reading material. I did read the first few stories of the graphic novel and am enjoying that as well. Kinda reminds me of the old EC stuff! Oh, and I did read that online comic and that was hilarious! G&C is pretty much my favorite mag these days!  Kinda combines my other two faves; Playboy and Fangoria!”


“Corpsy you're a legend - best delivery ever!!!”

Xxxxxxx Kimi



“I'm a huge fan of your magazine, and just wanted to take the time to say thank your for existing and to all your graphic designers, contributors, editors and all your staff on their diligent and driven work put into each months volume. Thanks again for all your hard work and determination each month.”


I was injured for a second time in Iraq and to keep myself busy while at home healing. LOL, pretty good shit!  Any how I have a couple of your issues with Sig Haig and Sherri Moon Zombie and I just purchases from Ebay Volume 1 2007 and Volume 2 spring 2007 and these books rock, Anyhow, keep the magazines coming  and thanks, You guys are truly Dark,lol. 


10th Special Forces Weapons Sergeant  (ODA 084). 

 “I think you have the best new mag in years, I love it. I found it at Horrorbles.”

Zombie Hunter

“Dear Girls and Corpses,”

“Everyone in our family loves reading your magazine. This is our son Christian (2 years old) reading his favorite bathroom material. I would enjoy seeing it printed in a future edition of your wonderful magazine.”

Theresa (Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Hmm ... Wisconsin again. I either am getting banned there or worshipped there by inmates and now toddlers. This photo proves that you’re never too young to start reading Girls and Corpses Magazine. We’re trying to get Girls and Corpses approved as kindergarten reading across the country. Thank you and Christian. By the way, when I saw the word ‘Christian’ I thought we were getting some juicy hate mail from the Right.  How refreshing that it was simply your son studying his homework on the pooper.

“I’m in love with a dead girl ... she never leaves me, doesn’t eat much, and loves to sleep in with me in the morning ... I read Girls and Corpses Magazine to her, we love the pictures!”


Send us a photo of her. She sounds like our kind of corpse.

“When I first saw your magazine, I honestly thought that the idea was cute. But eventually I felt disgusted, for your magazine is just like a tool that promotes necrophilia. I mean, women and dead bodies ... ask anybody intelligent and necrophilia is the first thing that would come to mind. Ever thought of respecting the dead? I don't think so, otherwise there wouldn’t be such a disgusting magazine called Girls and Corpses.”

Daphne Freeman

Besides the fact that we are on newsstands in the U.S. and Canada, and that we are distributed by Ingram, who also distribute Time and Newsweek, you have the distinction of bring the first person who thinks this magazine is actually promoting necrophilia.  Have you actually read G&C Magazine? We feature interviews and articles with people who do autopsies, cremations and embalming and respect the dead. Do you really think that there will be a wave of necrophilia sweeping the country because of Girls and Corpses Magazine? Will necrophilia clubs start springing up like Tupperware parties, where housewives show up with rotting bodies to molest? Or, the high school chess club will have to now share space with the necrophilia club? How about drive-through necrophilia? Corpse-in-the-box or Crispy Corpse? Necrophilia is extremely rare but in your mind this fad will soon be more popular that the Hula-Hoop. Loosen up Daphne; it's a comedy magazine. No one’s going to dig up your Aunt Bertha and bang her – she’s not that hot. (By the way, where is she buried, just in case)? ‘GREAT SPIRITS HAVE ALWAYS ENCOUNTERED VIOLENT OPPOSITION FROM MEDIOCRE MINDS.’ But I actually wish we got more letters like yours because it gives me something to write about. Nevertheless, we respect your opinion and we respect the dead. By the way, not one dead person has ever complained ... yet.

RIP, Corpsy

“I really can’t get over your brilliant idea of bringing the macabre and silliness of death to the front view in a way people can really have fun with it. Keep on keeping on ... Thanks for the laughs and eccentric reading material.”



It’s not easy being “the first comedy magazine about death.” But the good news is that it cuts down on competitors.

“Wow, I absolutely love your magazine. Living in the South it is so refreshing to get something like this to keep me sane. Everyone I know thought I was going insane when I started reading a magazine called Girls and Corpses but I actually turned many of them around into loving it as much as I do. This magazine needs to be on every shelf at every bookstore and gas station from coast to coast and beyond!”

From one corpse to another,


Thanks Roger – you make we want to be a better corpse. After that letter from Daphne (above) I thought I would just crawl into a hole and die. Fortunately, I’m already in the grave. Thank you for spreading the word in the South. We're just trying to make the world a deader place – North, East, South and West.

“I just wanted to drop you a li’l note and tell you how much I love your work!! It’s refreshing to see there are others out there that are as twisted as I am. It’s a perfect combo of gore and hot chicks. Honestly, its pretty fucked up and mmmmmm how I love the taboo side of life. Thank you for taking the time to express yourself in the worst way possible!”


We do what we can, Danielle, to feed the hoards of corpses reading this magazine. Next ... newsstands in graveyards.

"Greetings from Poland! You’re sick and I love you!”


Please keep spreading the sick word in Europe! Our fan base is spreading worldwide like the plague and now you can order internationally at: GirlsandCorpsesStore.com

“Thank you for putting out a product long overdue on the market. Everybody I know loves your magazine and who wouldn’t? Girls! Corpses! And good reading all fit together and you put them all in one place. Again Thanx.”


Thanks for the comment, Will. I put my heart and soul into this soup so you can slurp it up – and it's great to hear comments like yours. I can die peacefully now. Again.

“The only reason you want young girls to kiss corpses is ‘cause you’re going to be one yourself pretty soon. That’s kinda sad.”

Sad Man

I hate to break you the news, Saddy, but I already am a corpse and you’re going to be a corpse too – maybe sooner than you think. But I bet I'm having more fun now and laughing all the way to the vault.  Besides, I’ll have these cuties kiss me anytime – dead or alive.

“Hey Corpsy! I’m halfway through your book Satan’s 3-Ring Circus of Hell and I just wanted to say it is disgustingly vile and morbidly beautiful! I am so very impressed, not just with the storylines and layouts but the artwork is so alive, punchy and in-your-face ... it’s so sick and I love it! You must be very, very proud! A trillion kudos to you! I look forward to reading the rest!!”

Suzzan B

Thanks Suzzan, you are one of my favorite sick artists, so this means a lot coming from you. By the way, we are featuring your disturbing artwork in this issue and hope to again and again!

“I loved working with your corpses – they are so much fun, and what a frisky corpse my caddy was! Every time I bent over, he was up my skirt!!”


Charlotte Stokely

Can you blame him? You are a doll and I wish I had been that caddy so I could have been up your skirt all day. Keep spreading the word for Girls and Corpses ... and everything else.

“This is the coolest thing ever!!! Those are some hot ass corpses!”


Cold asses, actually.

“I love your Zine and can’t wait for my subscription!! Rock the Frank and Beans On!!”


Corpses regrettably don’t have ‘franks and beans.’

“I've just discovered you! You’re crrrazy! I’ve been waiting for a magazine like yours since I was a fucking child. I love you.”


I decided to make the magazine that I wanted to like the days of MAD Magazine and National Lampoon. And I’m having a blast doing it!

“I have to say your Letter from the Deaditor-in-Chief was beautifully written! I've re-read it 4 times now! Hahaa! You guys get better with every issue. Actually – EVERY issue is brilliant as far as I’m concerned. What an awesome concept! And when I think of all you went through to get to where you are ... well ... Girls and Corpses is a great inspiration! I thank you for that inspiration! I just HAD to comment on the Letter ... heheh. I know I will re-read it several more times.”


Thanks Tricia! I didn’t know anyone actually read those.

“I can’t believe the response I’m getting from my ad in Girls and Corpses Magazine! Dollar for dollar, it’s the most cost-effective advertising I’ve ever done!”

Lee Hester

Lee's Comics of California

That means a lot coming from you Lee. And, no, you can’t have a discount on the next ad.

“I have lined the inside of the door of my downstairs bathroom with clippings from your magazine. Thank you.”

            Big Whiskey

Phew ... for a moment I thought you were going to say birdcage.

"Hey Corpsy! I adore Girls and Corpses. If I lived closer to where you are, I'd probably be banging on your door (coffin?), begging to be on the cover. I love how you combine humour and the macabre so well and it's great to see people like Sheri Moon Zombie and Sid Haig get some well-deserved exposure. Hope all of you are well (even those of you that are dead)."

C. Nicotine:
© 2007 Delilah Monroe

"I dig Girls and Corpses Magazine because "Weekend at Bernies" is one of my faves, and well, dead guys dont say no!


"OMG! This stuff is amazing...How do I model with ya'll....I fuckin LOVE IT! "

Girlie Girl

"I love Girls and Corpses Magazine because well...I love girls and I love Corpses haha. I think the pictures are hot, and I myself would love to be a model for the Girls and Corpses Magazine"

“I am a Marine in Iraq right now and I was just wondering if ya'll ship our way a lot of mags. Our online store will not ship to us. That would be cool.”

Lcpl Ward Jeremy

Hi Jeremy -
I’ve sent a big package of rotting fun for you Marines. Please send us a pic of your platoon when you get them. Stay safe over there. We've got enough corpses already! Though we could always use an Osama Bin Laden cover. 




"Girls and Corpses is the right magazine for these twisted times of terror, torture and titillation.”

Kim Fowley (Rock ‘n Roll Monster)

You should know, Kim, having written and produced my favorite song of all time, “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, HAHA” and sixteen gold and platinum records.


Rev. NecroChris

Starting with this issue, Reverend, you can order by going to Girlsandcorpses.com and clicking on the subscription button. Or, just check for a subscription card behind the phew of your local Church.

"Interesting concept -- reminds me of my dad picking up chicks on the golf corpse or rich old guys in Florida -- or Hugh Heffner (that one corpse looks a lot like him)"


What do you mean, “looks”? That IS Hef!

"There’s never been a better idea than "Girls and Corpses." Thanks for making my dream a reality."

Satan’s Skidmark

Glad we beat out ‘the wheel,’ fire, the polio vaccine and the light bulb. Besides, with a classy name like “Skidmark” how could we let you down?



Right! Unless, of corpse, you are run over by a wheat thresher.

"Hey Mr. Rhine! We love Girls & Corpses, and have been following the E-Zine for ages. Good to see you in Bizarre mag, at last. When can we get the print version in the UK?

Freudstein (The band)

We have been fortunate to be featured in Bizarre magazine four times and most recently featured on the cover -- with the inside quote, "Our favorite magazine Girls and Corpse has finally arrived!"

"I love your magazine, it's a must have for anyone who requires glamour and death all in one place. Move over Jane Mansfield."    


Do you have her head on your sofa?

"What could be better then hot girls and cold corpses? NOTHING"

William J Bell

"ILOVE my Girls and Corpses!!! If people don't like it they're better off dead!"

Creepy Carrie

"Got my issue yesterday! Great work, keep it up!"


You now how hard it is for a corpse to keep it up?

"I just received my copy..i love it sooo much! This magazine kicks so much ass! It's funny, sexy, and it has some good reading in it."


"Hey I got the magazine you guys did a kick ass job! That first printer you guys got is going to be kicking himself in the ass down the road."


"FUCK ME! This has to be the best thing since fake pussies!"



"I laughed my ass off. When I saw SICKCOM The dish licking was brilliant, no doubt about it! Golf swing on the client - divine and disturbing!!! The dog in the yard with the heads was - well, so doglike and hilarious and Jenny's (toilet) Cam was almost more than I could bear without peeing all over this nice dining room chair. Love the baby's "pacifier." As Zombie Bob would say "If I hadda have neighbors that were still livin', this would be the family I'd pick. You will be an instant hit."


"When I grow up and die, I want to be just like Corpsy.



Albert Einstein

"I have only fantasized about such things! This is absolutely breathtaking!"

Bucky The Skeleton

"I am so happy that this is a real magazine now! I can't believe people banned it just cuz it has corpses in it...corpses are good, more people need to be aware of that. Some folks just don't understand. I got a corpse prop from Halloween that i named Corpsy too. I just love him!!"


"Hi there i'm a 30 year old male and am very keen to acquire pictures of necrophilia and auto erotic asphixiation please advise me.

Regards, Michael.

Is this Michael... Jackson?

"I laughed my ass off. When I saw SICKCOM The dish licking was brilliant, no doubt about it! Golf swing on the client - divine and disturbing!!! The dog in the yard with the heads was - well, so doglike and hilarious and Jenny's (toilet) Cam was almost more than I could bear without peeing all over this nice dining room chair. Love the baby's "pacifier." As Zombie Bob would say "If I hadda have neighbors that were still livin', this would be the family I'd pick. You will be an instant hit." - EK

"Superb! Greetings from the Netherlands: I really love the concept and the way it's portrayed, haven't been chuffed about something like this for a long time. Keep coming with those babes and the blessed departed."


"Coolest shit i've seen in quite some time."


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