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Creepsville 666
“Getting The Creepsville 666”

Interview by Eric “Toxic Toons” Pigors
Photos by Andy Hartmark

Creepy band members:
Dez K. Daver
Geno Dellamorte
Creepy Clovis
Robbie 6
G&C: Creepsville 666 – Catchy name. You guys are from Arizona – I guess that’s where Satan would live if he were looking for somewhere hot as hell. Does Satan know you guys? I’m guessing you have already sold your souls?

Dez: Hot as hell is right! But Satan is a pretty rad dude. We let him lay some tracks down for the CD – we kinda owe him.

Geno: Dad is pretty cool. He knows we were all born without souls but we sold him our abilities to get good jobs instead.

Creepy: Yeah, I know that Satan guy. I beat him in an arm wrestling match.

Robbie: What Soul? I traded mine for dope.

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