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The Ivory Snow Soap model gone XXX porn legend of the 70s and 80s pries open the paint-chipped green door and lets us peak inside... the Insatiable...

“I am what I am”

Interview by Robert Steven Rhine

There’re only a handful of names who meet the test of legendary adult film icon: JOHN HOLMES, LINDA LOVELACE, RON JEREMY, TRACY LORDS, GINGER LYNN, JENNA JAMESON and, of course, at the top of that list… MARILYN CHAMBERS.

I happen to be a bone-a-fide fan of Marilyn Chambers, having watched her in the very first XXX movie I ever saw, Behind the Green Door, at the Pussycat Theater in Santa Monica, California. The Pussycat Theater, for those of you who are too young to remember, was “the” place to see adult films (before video). Back then; you had to make a real commitment to see (and be seen) with a bunch of lonely men wearing overcoats. No porn surfing on your computer – you had to actually buy a ticket, sit in a darkened theater and risk being seen by your boss, neighbor or preacher – more likely all three. That’s what made it so wonderfully forbidden and exciting. Now it’s just click... click... click.

Marilyn Chambers is a porn pioneer of sexual freedom. She was the Columbus of the New Porn World, legs splayed, as she sailed uncharted waters. And we loved her for it.

But did Marilyn Chambers become rich from porn? Did she wind up destitute? Or, did she wind up a grandmother in the suburbs of the valley, pushing her shopping cart through Wal-Mart?

I needed to know. So I went directly to the porn star’s mouth. When I interviewed Marilyn Chambers she was smart, sexy, funny and still had that mischievous twinkle in her eye.

I was, of corpse, tongue-tied as I worried if I would measure up to other interviewers. Would I experience interview anxiety?

Judge for yourself, as we give you the one... the only... the Insatiable... MARILYN CHAMBERS.

G&C: You’re truly a survivor, Marilyn. Many of the 70s porn performers are gone and buried. ODs, suicides and AIDS – which also happen to mainstream performers – it seems like in your business a lot more actors had some really rough, and even deadly, times. So, to what do you owe your longevity and survival?

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