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Interview with Amer Shihab
Dead Arms Artist
By Corpsy

G&C: Your artwork is mad sick. Have you ever thought of selling barf bags with your paintings? (I mean that in the best way).

AS: I like your thinking, but it would be better if I sell diarrhea bags because people shit themselves when they see my art.

G&C:  Nice distinction. Would you rather trim your toenails or cut off someone's head? And why?

AS: I would rather trim my toenails, as they could be interesting tools if I were to cut off your, I mean someone’s, head.

G&C:  Or, you could cut off someone’s head with toenail clippers -- but that could take days. So, speaking of toenails, what inspires you to draw and paint? The rent? Or, something far deeper -- like two months rent?

AS: My friend's dead grandmother.

G&C:  Why, is she laying next to you now? Is that the painting technique you use to inspire your wicked imagination?

AS: Actually, I hang upside down, stapled to a tree from my testicles.

  Yes – I see. That perhaps why there’s tremendous violence in your artwork and yet a sense of humor -- like this magazine. 

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