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Interview With Charlotte Stokely

"Playing Golf, and Life, One Stroke at a Time"
Interview by Corpsy

G&C: You have been on the professional miniature golf circuit for three years. Is it tiring?

CS: At first, I was worried that swinging, putting and shaking hands would leave me with no wrist strength for masturbation! Thankfully, this is not the case. I’m still in full swing BABY!

G&C: What’s the best part of professional miniature golf? And what do you look for in a caddy?

CS: Well, I love how those little balls feel in my hands and they are so many different colors! Pink balls, blue balls!! As for a caddy, Corpsy is the pro for me. He has strong bones.

G&C: Have you ever had an orgasm playing golf?

CS: Yes, I have, and when the white golf ball popped out, I looked like a flailing chicken laying eggs.

G&C: Do you ever wish there were more holes in golf? How about sex?

CS: The more holes the better! For “sex” that is!!

G&C: Moving past your golfing career. Let’s talk about acting. You got your thespian start in such alternative films as Skater Girl Fever (directed by Dave Naz) and Girls Lie (directed by Eon Mckai). Tell us a little bit about what it was like working with these directors.

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