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“The SS is an elite group numbering up to 666 of the world’s most attitudinal, creative, sexual and most original women, united by all things dark, provocative and Satanic, and by their membership in a truly exclusive group -- the Satanic Sluts.”
Nigel Wingrove – Founder

“Satanic Sluts --
Making Their Mothers Proud”

Interview by Corpsy


The Sluts of the Roundtable:
Nigel Wingrove (NW)
Celia Cyanide (CC)
Violet Eyes (VE)

G&C: Your amazing book “Blood & Dishonor” features some of the most original, provocative and progressive models in the world. Is it about art? Fashion? Or, are you really just trying to freak us the fuck out?

NW: The book isn't really about art or fashion, though some of the images are ultra stylish. Ultimately, the book is the girls and the girls are the Satanic Sluts.

CC: I am not a fashion model, I guess I am really just trying to be myself, and have as much fun as possible, and if that freaks you the fuck out, that is just an added bonus. 

VE: I love being me and part of that is exploring my freaky side with photographers who are also willing to push their boundaries.

G&C: Are you more about sex, gore or fetishism? What does it mean to be a Satanic Slut?

CC: As a scream queen and horror model, I am mostly about gore. I have been coated with many gallons of fake blood in different consistencies and different shades of red for photo shoots and movies. 

VE: I'm about everything that alerts my senses, be it sex, blood, rock ‘n roll (well Metal!) and fetish fashion.

G&C: You call yourself “Satan’s true Sirens.” Are you actually Satanists, or just devilish wannabes?

VE: I don’t believe in God so I can’t believe in Satan. I feel the term implies we are dark and edgy and in the alternative market -- people assume I'm a Satanist from my viewpoints and the way I dress. I guess that term appeals to the masses.

NW: I made the only film ever to be banned in the UK on the grounds of blasphemy and fought the UK government to the highest court. Since then, we have published the magazine Rule Satania and run the night club Black Mass which was as far as I know the only venture of its kind officially endorsed by the Church of Satan.

G&C: Do you have a Satanic Slut initiation? How about a prom?

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The Satanic Slut Book “Blood & DisHonour can be ordered at Amazon.com and other fine online retailers More on the SS at: www.satanic-sluts.com