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Party Like a ROTSTAR!

with Gen of the “Genitorturers” Fetish queen Angela Ryan and Metal Sanaz

Photos by Dan Santoni

Interview by Weylin Wegner (aka Rev. Lu$t Vegas)

Labeled "The Worlds Sexiest Rock Band." The Genitorturers more than live up to the title. The notoriously naughty band was founded by front woman Mistress Gen in the Florida music scene of the early 90's -- shocking and setting the stage with outrageous antics, complete with strap-on dildos, enemas, crucifixions, brandings, and sewing lips and genitals shut -- the Genitorturers are a sadomasicistic  sideshow of smut and salvation. They have toured the planet and have been featured on HBO'S Real Sex, Playboy TV's Sexcetera, VH1, Hard Copy, Gene Simmons Tongue Magazine, Hustler magazine and NOW an EXCLUSIVE with Girls and Corpses!

G&C: A little Corpsy told me that back in the early days of "The Genitorturers," you worked as a transplant coordinator. What was it like dealing death? Did it inspire the surgical imagery and procedures later to be performed in your live shows?

Gen: Well, it was definitely a centering experience on all fronts, shall we say, and most absolutely influenced my lyrics and some live show elements. Dealing with death on a daily basis can have odd effects on a person, if you don’t develop a way of coming to terms with it on a personal level. In the position I held, I was faced with a lot of tough situations. I was the person who approached the deceased's family for consent for organ & tissue donation, which you can imagine was difficult at times. Once consent was obtained, we put a team together to go retrieve the "parts." The medical status of the person at death, dictated what "parts" we were able to put to use. Since people don’t die on schedule 9-5, this also meant venturing out at all hours of the day or night, sometimes alone, to perform the "surgery" in odd locations. Organs are removed in the OR of course, but other tissues like bone, eyes and skin can be taken from the body when they are at the funeral home or medical examiner’s office or hospital morgue. The creepiest part for me was when I had to perform procedures completely alone at four in the morning in the bowels of some morgue with a boatload of ripped up bodies in all states of disarray... that was the "centering" part.

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