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Mr. Deadguy

“He’s Mr. Rogers For Maggots”

Interview by Corpsy
Photos by David Deneen, Robert Szatmari and Mr. Deadguy

G&C: So, Mr. Deadguy, tell us a little bit about your corpse?

MD:  Early on in my career I was a funeral director/mortician. Later on I attended medical school here in Philadelphia. I wasn't a student there though; I was one of the cadavers in the dissection room. Although, I'm not really part of the funeral industry anymore, I do still spend a lot of time in cemeteries, often digging up old friends. Nowadays, I am an entertainer. One thing that I can say about my show is that I never have to worry about my act dying on stage. A little graveyard humor there.

G&C: (rim-shot). So tell us a bit about your morbid act? And what cemeteries can we corpses see it?

MD: Baby Cheezwits accompanies me to every show and Icky performs out the most next to him. I usually start the act with a couple of jokes and then involve a member of the audience in some on stage hi jinks. After that, Baby Cheezwits will come out and entertain, possibly followed by Icky or one of the gang. We usually end the show with Baby Cheezwits and I singing our theme song, "EVERY DAY IS  SATURDAY WHEN YOU'RE DEAD." I mostly perform in the Philadelphia and New York areas.

G&C: Do you do any tricks -- like gargle with a mouthful of maggots while Scabby sings?

MD: No, but Baby Cheezwits has coughed up maggots while we were onstage a couple of times.

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