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“Congratulations Mistress Malice on winning Miss Horrorfest!

Where are you going to do now?”
“I’m going to Bondage-land!”

From Beauty Queen to Scream Queen
Melissa Jones (aka Mistress Malice) Is Crowned

Interview by R.S. Rhine

G&C:  Melissa, I really enjoyed watching you at the After Dark

Award presentation ceremony as tears welled up in your eyes as you said, “This is the first thing I have ever auditioned for!” As a cynical L.A. corpse, it was refreshing to hear that kind of honest emotion. Or, was it the $50,000 prize that came along with the title? That would have brought tears to my eyes too.

MM: Those were definitely real tears! I am, of course, extremely happy that I won the money (who wouldn't?), but mostly I'm just completely thrilled and proud of myself for winning something so big. This was the

first audition I had ever been on. When I went to the live audition, I was SO nervous that I messed up my lines and had to do them over! I was completely embarrassed, and even after I went home that night, I never thought I would get a phone call telling me that I had made it!

G&C:  So, what are you doing with the fifty grand?  When I met you at the Horrorfest house you said something about “shoes.” 

MM: haha That’s because I was fantasizing about how many pairs of boots with eight inch heals I could buy. I have an obsession with footwear. But back to reality -- I would like to pay off some bills.

G&C:  What are some of the honors bestowed upon you and what are your duties during your reign as Miss Horrorfest? Do you have to torture and kill someone every month?

MM: Unfortunately, torturing and killing is not part of being Miss Horrorfest. I do, however, get to represent After Dark Films, which is amazing, because they are bringing horror movies that would otherwise not be seen to the public out to major movie theatres across the country.  I also get to meet some really great people, true horror fans, and some very respected people who have contributed so much to the horror genre.  I'm really excited about getting to represent the company at all of the conventions across the U.S this year and also meeting horror fans that supported me through the Miss Horrorfest competition.

G&C:  Spoken like a true beauty queen! You seem to have dueling sides to your personality -- sweet Texan thang vs dark and twisted Goth metal freak. Is there a devil on one boob and an angel on the other? Will the real Mistress Malice please stand up?

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