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Interview by Eric “Toxic Toons” Pigors


G&C: How long have the Horrifics been causing havoc across the good 'ol USA?

G: The HORRiFiCS have been waking the DEAD with our occult driven emanations since the Spring of 2005.

W: April 2005 to be exact. Our first gig was at Super Dave's Casa LOCO late that October.

G&C: You guys are from Texas -- ever have  any problems in some of the more Bible belt states being a horror band and all?

G: Not really. Folks usually leave us alone or come up to us interested in what band we are in and what kind of music we play. I guess it's really obvious we are musicians.

G&C:  What other band names did you guys consider before coming up with THE HORRiFiCS?

G: The HORRiFiCS is really the only name we ever seriously considered. We tossed about a couple of others to get the creative ball rolling, including the HOBGOBLiNS, the Cemetery Men, the NiGHT Shades, and the Shadow Casters.

W: There was a brief discussion, half jokingly, to name it Mazin-KAiSER after Go Nagai's giant robo-anime of the same name.

G&C: I would imagine being in a band you have moments of struggling and having no money to buy a good meal after a gig. Ever eat road kill? Or anything else you found on the highway, or in a cemetery?

G: Any time I have eaten road kill, something off the highway or out of a cemetery it was strictly for FUN. We usually make sure we get paid enough to eat, drink, and have a place to stay when we do out- of-town gigs. I have to admit, it's hard for me to pass up roadside delicacies such as truck stop fried burritos, taquitos, and fried crawfish pies.

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