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Sid Haig
Captain of his own Corpse

Interview by Staci Layne Wilson © Girls and Corpses Magazine

Actor. Father. Sex symbol. Dancer. Hypnotherapist. Clown. Politician. All of the above describes Sid Haig, an outspoken, complex thesp who first came to horror fans' attention in 1968 when he played Ralph in Jack Hill's Spider Baby. In a new millennium entirely, he played the sire of another kind of "Baby" (Firefly) in Rob Zombie's popular gore-fests, House of 1000 Corpses and the Devil's Rejects.

It's that rendition of murderous clown Captain Spaulding that most of you will know him from, but as this interview reveals, Haig has a lot more going on beneath that layer of grease paint than meets the eye.

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