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Shaye Saint John

No Arms...No Legs... No Problem.

Interview by Corpsy

G&C:  It was truly an experience meeting you at the CIA, Shaye -- like an episode of the Twilight Zone you just can't seem to erase from your brain. I find you eerily compelling and oddly fascinating at the same time. 

So, how would you describe yourself -- because I sure am having difficulty coming up with a succinct description. The best I could come up with is a multi-talented, quadruple amputee, and performance artist, wearing a rubber mannequin mask and junkyard prosthetics. Accurate?

Shaye: That is a pretty good description of me but it kind of makes me sound like a weird-o.  I am the world’s most problem plagued person. Yay, for me! I suffer from more syndromes and or afflictions of any person in the entire world. Many doctors and specialists have told me that I have more problems than anyone that has ever lived. I was sad at first when I learned of my special place in medical lore. Now, I use my special problems to inspire.

G&C:  Please tell us about your horrendous train accident. What do you remember and what you were told later?

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