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Ready... set... PSYCHOCHARGER!

An Interview with Jimmy Psycho

by Eric “Toxic Toons” Pigors
©Girls and Corpses Magazine

EP:  We at Girls and Corpses heard a rumor you guys spread peanut butter on your naked bodies and have sex with a corpse on stage for your encores, is this really true? And what brand of peanut butter do you prefer?

Jimmy: Hahaha...when we first started playing in NYC, we used to bring a fake coffin up onstage with us and have simulated sex w/ the "corpse" during the show...it was all very Alice Cooper inspired.  We learned pretty quickly that while it's an interesting stage gimmick, logistically, it's a bitch --living in NYC, and at the time, not having a car to get around.  The only way you can take a fake coffin to shows with you is on public transit (it's too big to fit into a taxi).  You can imagine the nervous looks we would get lugging that thing on the subway to shows. We used to load it up with our show equipment, so it would get pretty heavy, and it had a nice "thud" to it when we would set it down for the train ride.As far as peanut butter goes, the best is any kind of "natural" Brand. Anything that is too over-processed is tough to get out of your pubic hair--and forget about using the "chunky" or the "crunchy" kind, for obvious reasons

EP: I know most bands have sex with their groupies but do you guys ever have sex with farm animals or carnival folk?  What is the strangest place you have stuck your peckers in?

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