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Koffin Kats

Kick AZZ Skull Fuckers Interview... Each other    

Call them what you want. Punk? Rock? Psychobilly? Or, just plain wrong, The Koffin Kats firmly believe in the spirit of Rock n’ Roll and all of its excess and beautiful evil. Having influences ranging from bands such as Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, The Quakes, Tom Waits, and Bad Religion. The sound is anything but normal.   

Detroit, Michigan. June of 2003 marked the arrival of this band. Vic Victor having been in numerous bands but not going anywhere beyond a local bar or the basement was fed up with not being able to be a part of a touring band. Never really being a singer or a front man before he got together with long time friend Tommy T Bags, who would later become Tommy Koffin, and started laying down the material that would become the upright bass throwing, beer slamming, blood gushing, and sonic assault known as The Koffin Kats.

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