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Does an artist, body bagger, former homeless drug addict and bass player for Marilyn Manson shit in the woods?

An Interview with


By Hollie Stevens 
©Girls and Corpses magazine

HS: I’m sure people would like to hear about your experience as former bass player for Marilyn Manson or about your artwork (which I am a fan of) but, being that this magazine is called Girls and Corpses we’d like to talk about another profession in which you were involved. Picking up dead bodies. Tell me how it all began.

GG:  Well, when I first did it, I was really strung out. I was trying to get clean but I definitely still had a habit. I was homeless so I ended up living at my mom’s house and she told me that I had to get a job.  So, I stumble upon this add that says Mortuary Assistant Wanted. I’m thinking well, this sounds cool. So, I call the guy and go in for an interview.  I go to this warehouse district in Ft. Lauderdale, a real desolate shithole, and I find this dank warehouse. I stroll into the back room and there’s this 400-pound guy sitting behind a desk smoking a stinky cigar. He starts telling me about the job. “Hey kid, do you know what you’re getting into?  Your job is to remove the dead from the crime scenes and take them to the coroner. You might get some mother who killed her baby and put it in a microwave and then killed herself and there’s blood everywhere and you’ve got to take the baby out of the microwave.”  I’m thinking to myself, wow, I hope this guy doesn’t see the twinkle in my eye.  I’m just trying to contain my excitement.  It sounds badass... 

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