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Welcome to The CIA
The California Institute For Abnormal Arts
11334 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601-2441
Phone: (818) 506-6353

We Peek Behind the Sideshow Curtain with Co-owners Carl Crew and Bob Ferguson

Interview By The Grin Creeper
Photos by Mitchell Haddad

G&C: The CIA is one of the most unique, freaky, insanely creative venues in Los Angeles, the country and perhaps the world -- sort of like a psychotic clowns wet dream. What drove you to create this carnival burlesque sideshow and how do you describe what the hell it is?

CC: It’s a multidimensional art space/train wreck/circus museum/fractured cartoon with a heavy scoop of psychadelica -- where people can be exposed to the strangest bands, artwork, kitch sci-fi and horror movies and relics from the circus sideshow. Or, as Rock City News described it, “P.T Barnum’s bad acid trip.”
G&C: You have an amazing collection of rotting relics; pickled punks (deformed babies in jars) and freak show memorabilia ever assembled. Where do you get it all? Please tell us a bit about each of the following freaky items lurking at the CIA:

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