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GIRLS and CORPSES MAGAZINE Winter Issue 2007 (order at Thanksgiving)
80 glossy color pages Just 8.95

Ready for some Rotting and Yachting on the S.S. Cadaver? Captain SID HAIG (“The Devil’s Rejects”) and sexy mate SCOUT TAYLOR COMPTON (star of “Halloween”) team up on the cover of GIRLS and CORPSES MAGAZINE Winter Issue. It’s Seven Beauties for Seven Bloaties on the Seven Seas. Our best catch yet! Including 3-D photos of the star shipmates. Also, inside this oceanic issue you’ll sea: SEX in the Cemetery, Corpse Munching Animals, Tranny Grannies, Stoner Recipes, Zombie Thumb, the bands Psychocharger and Koffin Kats, Freak/Fashionista Shaye St. John, Scat in The Hat, Zombie Eating Contest and more comic art and comedy bits than you can shake a stiff at.

We just keep getting deader and deader! As Captain Sid Haig says: “I’m the corpse of the world!!!"

What a perfect Christmas gift! Just imagine their stunned faces when they see Girls and Corpses Magazine under the Corpsemas tree!

Orders starting Thanksgiving!