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Scout Compton-Taylor, star of "Halloween" at the Girls and Corpses signing for cover girl Danielle Harris. Scout will be the cover girl of issue #3, along with Sid Haig. Danielle Harris, Robert Steven Rhine and Scout Taylor sign Girls and Corpses Magazine at the packed event at Dark Delicacies Bookstore. Both girls star in Ron Zombie's killer remake of "Halloween." Girls and Corpses cover girls and "Halloween stars" Danielle Harris and Scout Taylor-Compton with G&C founder Robert Steven Rhine.

The adorable Danielle "Halloween" Harris and Girls and Corpses Magazine founder Robert Steven Rhine (aka Corpsy). Girls and Corpses models Hollie Stevens and Charlotte Stokely at The Girls and Corpses Issue #2 signing, Halloween alum Danielle Harris, Deaditor R.S. Rhine, corpsepondant Staci Layne Wilson and Scout Taylor-Compton (who reprises the Jamie Lee Curtis role of Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie's Halloween).

R.S. Rhine and "Halloweens" Scout Taylor-Compton enjoy the Girls and Corpses Magazine signing. Halloween screamers Danielle Harris and Scout Taylor Compton join Girls and Corpses Founder Robert Seven Rhine and Co-publisher Stephan Miller, at Dark Delicacies signing. R.S. Rhine takes a bite of "Halloween" star Scout Taylor-Compton to see What Michael Myers was after.