Ben Franklin Versus the Dead Coats Review
By Amanda Dyar (Girls & Corpses Game Correspondent)

Ben Franklin Versus the Dead Coats is a free to play, first-person shooter from Neo-Pangea. All of the events in the game are 100% historically accurate, as you can pick up any history book, and read about Benjamin Franklin’s epic heroics while fighting off the zombie apocalypse. The game takes place in the city of Philadelphia in 1789. King George has made a pact with Satan that brings back his fallen Red Coats as flesh-craving zombies. Luckily for our ancestors, Ben Franklin is not going to stand idly by and watch the carnage ensue. In the words of the man himself, “I’m only here for 2 things; signing declarations and kicking ass... and I’m fresh out of parchment...”

Ben will fight zombies using his patented “Thunderbuss,” an invention he created back in the 1700’s that combines the harnessed energy of lightning with the stopping power of your classic blunderbuss. So, that’s why he was flying kites in a lightning storm... You control Ben as he uses this powerful weapon to destroy as many zombies as possible before he falls at the hands of the undead. You use a mouse to aim and fire, and you use your classic WASD keys to control Ben’s movements. Ben Franklin Versus the Dead Coats is a fun and addicting game using Flash technology. How many zombies can you kill before you become history?

Play game here now: www.deadcoats.com