Do you like cold skin, dead staring eyes, and silent girls that you have to lift to move into sexy positions?  So do we. No, we're not talking about necrophilia, we're talkin’ about...


Life-size, super-realistic, anatomically correct, poseable silicone dolls

Interview by Corpsy 

G&C: Tell us about your high tech, full size love dolls that are so realistic that if you break up with one, you have to pay alimony. Please tell us how you got started in the sex doll biz and what you create at Sinthetics.

SIN: Sinthetics makes super-realistic, beautiful, poseable dolls. The company was formed around the development of the creation of the Josie doll for “Married to Rock” on E! Thanks to Josie, the first Sinthetics body came to be, and then we introduced a second body which people really got into, if you know what I mean...

G&C: Are these sex toys or something much more? What's the best way to enjoy one of your dolls? Do you call them dolls?

SIN: A sex doll is something you pump away on and then hide under your bed. A Sinthetics doll is a lifelike piece of art made especially for you – they are sexy, realistic and beautiful enough that you can dress them up, photograph them, and leave them in your living room for everyone to admire. The best way to enjoy Sinthetics includes a good romp, then some friendly shock for your friends when you display your silicone sculpture provocatively.

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