Zombie Death Rap

Interview by Corpsy

Photos by Joey Senft

The Filthy Animals rose out of their rat hole in 2009 and their label, Deepcave Records, was founded in 2001. Deepcave Records is one of the longest running independent hip hop labels in Canada. The band has toured with Los Angeles hip hop legend, Abstract Rude, and opened for big name acts such as: Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek, Tech N9ne, Xzibit, EPMD, Swollen Members, Chef Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, Brother Ali, and more. The band was nominated for an APCMA (Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award) for "Best Rap/Hip Hop CD" in 2010. They come up with all of their ideas when they’re drunk. Everyone involved in The Filthy Animals and Deepcave Records are the best of friends (until this interview). Most importantly, they’re big fans of Girls and Corpses Magazine!

G&C: What makes you Filthy Animals?  

Broms: We rap about our lives. Case in point, Nutty drank himself into the hospital last weekend and almost died. The doctor said his esophagus looked like ground hamburger chunks, and he was puking blood as if it were an exorcism. I'm pretty sure all of our throats look like his; we just haven't been lucky enough to have fucking cameras shoved down our throats yet. Basically, we shit, shower and shave like anyone else does, but we're the kind of people that will shit and shave in the shower.

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