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"The Dead is like Blood Diamond meets The Walking Dead. The first and only zombie movie all shot in Africa is a must see for horror enthusiasts,  hungry for filet mignon over a greasy cheeseburger.  The Dead is easily the classiest zombie movie ever made. Soon to be a classic!"

Robert "Corpsy" Rhine 
Publlisher/ Deaditor-In-Chief  Girls and Corpses Magazine

Two survivors (zombie mercenaries of a sort) team up in a dilapidated jeep and race across the arid plains of West Africa, attempting to escape zillions of zombies that wander soullessly like fire ants across the desolate landscape. Beautifully shot in 35mm, this could have been a sequel to Out Of Africa had it not been for the staring, staggering dead heads. These African zombies are like Energizer Bunnies, easy to out-run and even out-walk -- but they finally do bite their targets and get to munching.  However, it's the story of these two men; one black African soldier, one white American military engineer, who learn about each other while trying to stay alive so they may reunite with their families, that elevates this film far above traditional zombie fare.  The Dead is fresh and different. A new take amidst a burning pile of zombie bodies... and it's damn tasty. The Dead has reanimated the zombie genre.

Beautifully written and directed by the Ford brothers, Howard and Jonathan Ford, The Dead stars two excellent actors who perform understated against extraordinary circumstances. First we meet Brian Murphy, played by Rob Freeman (Saving Private Ryan) who survives a plane crash though his comrades meet an untimely fate... you guessed it... zombies!  These brain suckers are everywhere. They may only be about as fast as your grandmother but they sure are persistent. I did wonder though, without brains, how they kept from falling off the edge of cliffs. 

Murphy comes across another survivor, Sergeant Daniel Dembele, a deserter from the army in search of his family and son.  Played by a real African Prince, David Osei does a wonderful job playing it real and that's what makes this movie work. No matter how insane things get, these two survivors are very natural and believable.

The rest of the movie pretty much revolves around survival, the search for food and water, keeping the jeep running, and assorted challenges along the way, including a curveball of a baby of all things.  But the main rule of the movie is that no matter how safe you think you are, they are coming and coming... relentlessly to eat your flesh. Talk about sleeping with one eye open.

As a footnote, it's important to mention that actor Rob Freeman almost wound up 'dead' himself when he contacted malaria in West Africa. One scene was even shot with Freeman in the throes of fever. There were other challenges the cast and crew faced in Africa including corrupt police and being held up at knife point. Seemed zombies were the least of their problems.

But the result were worth it and The Dead has a grand sweeping Lawrence of Arabia vibe -- in between spurts of blood and exploding heads.  

If classy horror is your thing, and I discovered with The Dead it happens to be mine, run to see this movie. Just watch out for the zombies... they are right behind you.

5 out of five corpses

Review by
Robert "Corpsy" Rhine 
Publisher/ Deaditor-In-Chief  Girls and Corpses Magazine

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