Letter from The Deaditor-In-Chief

I have been wanting to do a Playboy Magazine tribute issue ever since I launched Girls and Corpses magazine seven years ago. Yes, seven years! Can you believe it?

Anyhow, Hugh Hefner epitomizes girls and corpses—considering he’s now in his mid-80s and proves that corpses, or near corpses, get all the hot chicks.

Hugh Hefner is a God among mere mortal corpses. He took his classy vision of tits, ass and vagina and made it into a billion dollar juggernaut. But times have changed in the 60 years since Playboy launched in 1953. The magazine and its iconic founder are well into their twilight years and the bell may be tolling any moment for both. The internet hammered the final nails in the coffin of Playboy and perhaps all magazines. I fear that for the Viagra popping Oz beneath the skirt, the hourglass is running out. It is imperative to get out this tribute parody issue to the man, and legend, Hugh Hefner, or as we refer to him, Phew Hufner, who is marrying 22 year old Crystal Harris. Talk about Girls and Corpses!

We want to thank all of our gorgeous Playdead models: Hollie Stevens, Chastity Lynn, Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey. And our special guest bunny, Joslyn James, former Tiger Woods mistress, who shows not only her beauty but her sense of humor and that she can handle a nine iron.

We had a lot of fun shooting our cover at the beautiful estate of Erica McLean, former Playboy bunny, and a legend in her own right, who has directed over 40 films for Hustler, including the Barely Legal series which was created with husband Clive McLean.

Girls and Corpses continues to blossom throughout the world and we are a huge hit at conventions, such as the Adult Entertainment Expo, where our body bag shows earned us the “Most outrageous booth” award from the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. (See the photos within our hallowed pages.)

Once again, we thank you Hef for following your heart and your hard-on and having the balls to follow your dreams. You are an inspiration to us corpses and we salute you.

We are very proud of this issue and hope it makes all your wet dreams and nightmares come true.

Girls and Corpses is the future. And the future is death. Just ask Hef.

Rot on!