Lawrence Boos, a.k.a. Undead Ed, plays with his dolls...to death

Interview by Corpsy

Girls and Corpses: What do you have against cute, cuddly dolls?

Undead Ed:  There’s just too many of them! We need more zombie and horror dolls to even the sides. But the zombie/horror dolls that are mass-produced and sold commercially in stores tend to lack in overall quality and originality. So then a crazy freak like me steps up and brings killer quality horror dolls to the lacking market place.

G&C: Which dolls are your favorite? What were your favorite toys as a kid? And which ones do you like to see die?

UE: I really like the Rot Tot dolls I make, which are usually zombies of some kind. As a kid I loved He-Man, and Insectoids. I also loved the Star Wars’ Rancor, Boggles, Madballs and Muscle Men! I guess I like to see any doll die that’s overly cute... like my all time favorite... Hello Kitty!

G&C: How about GI Joe?

UE: When I was a kid I would take hot razors, heat them up and burn the plastic off of my GI Joes. I’d cut of their hands and stick real needles in their wrists so they could fight with them. I’d even use red paint to help show the wounds! But it’s the girly crap that’s the most fun to convert!

G&C: You seem to take great pleasure in mangling these childhood treasures. What kind of statement do your dolls make about childhood toys in general? And what inspired this morbid hobby?

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