“Wish I may wish I might gonna find me a cold dead corpse tonight / Gonna pull your body from the grave cause I’m grave robbing USA” - Grave Robbing USA

“Not a Necrophiliac I guess I was bored/ I like to spend my time with a fresh embalmed corpse” - She was a Teenage Zombie

“Now I kiss your cold dead lips and I dip my chips in the blood that drips and smear the cake right in your face/ Let your god take you to a better place” - Die my Bride

Murderdolls “Homicidal IDOLLS”

By Weylin Coyote Wegner (a.k.a. Reverend Lu$t Vega$)

Wound up and ready to kill… Murderdolls are back with a vengeance! Since their debut album “Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls” eight years ago, founder and guitarist Joey Jordison, of Slipknot fame, has toured the world over as drummer for bands like Korn, Ministry, and, most recently, Rob Zombie. Meanwhile, front man Wednesday 13 has released several solo albums, as well as two albums with his “outlaw country” side project Bourbon Crow. Like separated conjoined twins, Joey and Wednesday have reuni-DEAD, shedding their old skins to make a new monster! This time the Death Valley superstars are out for blood with their new album Women and Children Last, their heaviest, deadliest, and darkest record to date. Girls and Corpses sat down and talked with Wednesday about Lady Gaga, porn, chicken, Satan and the current state of rock ’n‘ roll… So here it is, fiends, rot off the press!

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