Band of Puppets

Charles Band, curator of Full Moon Studios
and creator of the Puppet Master film series, is the Geppetto of Horror

By Necro Magickal
Photos by Mark Scary

When it comes to killer toys, knife-wielding polyester-wearing pastry snacks, and murderous puppets with predispositions toward Third Reich fashion, no one is more synonymous with horror than Charles Band and Full Moon Pictures. Consider Band a modern day Benjamin Franklin, having signed a Declaration of Horror-dependence in Hollywood for the past 30 years. With films such as Evil Bong, The Gingerdead Man, Monsters Gone Wild, and When Puppets and Dolls Attack, Band and Full Moon bring an avant-garde weirdness to modern horror cinema.

Charles Band titillates our senses with an erotic buffet of miniature terror to an enticing brasserie line pointed towards monstrous breasts, intimately connecting with his audience and fan base. He has kindly taken time out of his busy schedule to sit down with Girls and Corpses, inviting our readers into a brief view of his world of horror...dark comedy... and badass puppets.

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