The 69 Eyes

Interview with vocalist Jyrki69

by Eric Pigors

Photos by Ville Juurikkala

Girls and Corpses: Back in Blood is your new CD. Tell us a little bit about the choice of the title and the music on it.

Jyrki69: Back In Blood is the ninth studio album of The 69 Eyes. It’s pure vampire sleaze rock with a deep Gothic twist. We recorded it in L.A. and watched tons of horror movies in the darkened studio, with producer Matt Hyde (Slayer, Monster Magnet), to wake up the vampires of the Sunset Strip. If you have never heard of The 69 Eyes before, this is the best way to kick-start your corpse heart!

G&C: We are all about girls and corpses here. What bands, monster movies and sexy ghouls would you say have influenced your writing the most?

J69: All the classics: The Cramps, The Fuzztones and even Elvira! Basically all the good stuff from the ’80s! My favorite vampire movie is Fright Night. That tells a lot.

G&C: So, what exactly does the band’s name refer to? Is it a sexual position we don’t know about yet? Or is it a monster from outer space that captures Russ Meyer’s movie leftover bitches into its spaceship?

J69: That sounds too much like Jabba the fuckin' Hut. Never mind, let’s say that it’s a rock ’n‘ roll movie that Russ Meyer was planning to do with Tura Satana!

G&C: You guys are from Hell-sinki, Finland. Odd name for a city where I imagine it’s pretty cold. Was it Hell growing up there? Or is it a nice place for corpses to rest in peace?

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