Review from the LA Premiere of Hatchett II at The Egyptian Theater

by Robert "Corpsy" Rhine

I don't usually do film reviews anymore, leaving it to our capable corpsepondants. But Hatchet II is a must see! An instant horror classic, even better than Hatchet I, which I also enjoyed. Director Adam Green ratchets everything up in this bloody swamp romp and proves that a sequel can be better than the original. Hatchet II will be up there with the best horror sequels of all time. Adam Green combines the right amount of guffaws infused with saws creating some of the most clever and gruesome 'gorror' ever on film. 

But what makes Hatchet II truly noteworthy are the stellar performances by the cast; starting with star Danielle Harris, as the vengeful Marybeth, and Tony Todd, as the devious Voodoo master Rev. Zombie. Harris is at her very best as Marybeth who returns to the Louisiana swamp head-hunting for the axe swinging, legendary mongoloid know as Victor Crowley (who could use some meds). Harris exudes angst, fear and revenge like a gladiator returning to the Coliseum, after years of bloody battles with Michael Myers. 

The Motion Picture Academy will overlook this horror film (as they usually do with horror) but Harris's performance is of Academy Award caliber. Tony Todd relishes his voodoo role as if he's been hiding in a swamp for twenty years to prepare for it. There are so many excellent performances it's terrifying. I give high marks for Alexis Peters in one of the most memorable sex scenes ever in a horror film; RA Mihailoff (Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3) plays Trent and shows that he's still can kick butt and take no prisoners. 

But an unlikely suspect nearly steals the show, Colton Dunn as Vernon. His improvised 'chicken and biscuits' riff had this corpse in stitches. Dunn, it turns out is Green's real life X-Box playing buddy, part of Green's unique casting process. Also, Kane Hodder inhabits Victor Crowley's body like a mutated meth-head searching for a fix inside your skull. There are a few noteworthy cameos: Uncle Lloyd Kaufman pops into a scene as does Hatchet director Green credited as "puking guy." 

The special effects are gore-licious. Everything in this movie is on steroids, including a chainsaw. 

One can only hope that Victor Crowley continues to haunt the swamps in search of more hapless victims to hack into goo.

Girls and Corpses Magazine gives Hatchet II five out of five Corpsies! 

Adam Green (director of Hatchett I & II) was featured in the premiere #1 issue of Girls and Corpses Magazine.
Danielle Harris stars in Hatchett II and was also featured on the second issue cover of Girls and Corpses Magazine, which sold out.