Letter From The Publisher

“Girls and Corpses is out of this World”

Death… the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Corpsy. Our five year mission: to explore hot nubile bodies, seek out new stars, new graveyards. To Boldy go where no corpse has gone before!

Yes, corpses, five years and twenty-five issues ago, I launched Girls and Corpses magazine and have seen it soar like a rocket from an internet magazine into full newsstand distribution in the U.S. and Canada. We also have a German version of G&C, translated by our friends at Virus Magazine. Our sales have skyrocketed all over the world: Japan, Australia, England, Mexico and as far away as China and Russia. Next stop a galaxy far… far away.

It’s been an absolute blast germinating a single alien maggot into an up-and-running corpse. There are so many ingredients that go into each and every issue, blending and baking horror and comedy into a juicy pie.

I feel like the Martha Stewart of Death.

So, we begin anew with this, our 26th issue, featuring more incredible artwork, celebrity interviews, bands, girls and killer comedy.  I have always said that our goal is to make each issue better than our last and I think we have accomplished that again with this amazing issue.

It all began when an alien was discovered last year in a stream in Montana by fly fisherman Harland Williams. At first, we thought it might be a hoax.  But when the specimen was brought to our lab and examined by Dr. Camden Toy and his two very sexy scientists, we were suddenly contacted NORAD who had been tipped off to this extraordinary extraterrestrial discovery. Unfortunately, in the middle of our autopsy, military police stormed our lab and confiscated the alien cadaver but not before our photographer had shot the exclusive layout you see in this magazine. Proof that life, and death, exists outside of this Earth.

This issue also features interviews with our pal Eli Roth and the elusive horror director Takashi Miike. Also, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (formerly of The Misfits) with his wife Stephanie Bellers of Gorgeous Frankenstein. Our good friend, actor Camden Toy (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), joins actress Penny Drake (Zombie Strippers) and model Marta Zolynska for our Alien Autopsy cover and spread. And if that ain’t freakin’ enough… our Jersey Gore spread rots with scream queens Brooke Lewis, Heather Tocquigny and real Jersey guidos Mike Dusi and Jeremy Luke. No, I’m not fuggin’ kiddin’ ya!

So, we hope you enjoy our alien autopsy issue. It truly is out of this world!

Captain Corpsy

Starlog 72710