Yup... It’s Harland Williams
On Fishing, The Devil and Pamela Lee Anderson

Interview by Robert Steven Rhine
Photos by Albert L. Ortega

Actor/Comedian Harland Williams has co-starrerd in such films ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ ‘There’s Something About Mary’ and just about every TV comedy show and talk show on the planet.

G&C: What is the meaning of life... in three words?

HW: Pamela – Lee – Anderson

G&C: Tell us your life story in rap.

HW: I hate rap. I’d rather do it in a melodic Elvis-like love song... and the only way you’re gonna hear it is if you’re lucky enough to be by my side on a romantic moonlit night staring out over the ocean... sorry.

G&C: Which movie did you have the most fun making and why?

HW: All my movies are fun. Movie-making is such a blast. RocketMan, Something About Mary, Dumb & Dumber, Sorority Boys and Down Periscope top the list.

G&C: You worked as a forest ranger in Canada for five summers. Did you ever get lonely and make out with a grizzly? What’s the strangest thing you ever saw in the forest? (i.e. singing squirrels, fornicating campers, a burning bush, Big Foot or his cousin Little Foot?)

HW: No grizzly where I worked. I was in black bear country. Strangest thing in the forest...hmmm, I once found a dead beaver that had chewed through a thick tree and the tree had come down right on top of his head. I swear his body was just sticking out from under the felled tree. What a dumb ass. On another occasion I was in the woods and heard something running toward me. It was a baby caribou separated from its mother. It ran right up to me and just stared at me and bleated. I think it wanted me to adopt it. It was so cute. I wanted to hug it and protect it and take it home. We stood there for about two minutes just staring, but in nature it’s best to leave it alone. Eventually it ran off and hopefully it found its hairy momma...

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