Gorgeous Frankenstein

“Beauty and the Deceased”

By Weylin Coyote Wegner (a.k.a. Reverend Lust Vegas) edited by Meghan Casey
Photos by Robert Kenney/AudioVisual93

The legendary ex-Misfits axe man Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein has risen to team up with his wife Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellers) to form the horrific hybrid Gorgeous Frankenstein—the ultimate Monster of Rot!

Signed to Doyle’s longtime friend and mentor Glenn Danzig’s Evilive label, this band of beasts is a corpse force to be reckoned with!

Girls and Corpses had the chance to chat with this “deadly duo” (George and Doyle) between reps down at the Muscle Morgue. So read, and rot on!!!

G&C: How did you get together with the rest of the band and who’s on the lineup at this point?

D: Dr. Chud’s our drummer. He was the drummer in the Misfits the second time around. When I moved back here [New Jersey], I called him up. He only lives 15 minutes from my house. Chud came up with a guy who was in Graves with him… a bass player—Left Hand Graham. We call him Graham Reaper. And then I got the diabolic Alex Story, from Cancerslug. I called him up one day and he happened to be getting out of his car going into a Danzig show. I said, “Hey you want to write some songs for me?” He said, “Hell yeah!”

G&C: How are you evolving in terms of your sound?

D: Basically… Alex Story’s a singer-songwriter. I needed someone to write songs with me. So I would write and arrange all the music and I put it on an eight-track and I’d send it to him with the programmed drums and he’d send it back with words and melodies on it. And it’s fucking incredible, the shit we got. We got 30 songs and we’ve only been doing it for like a year.

G&C: So what’s it like being signed to Glenn Danzig’s Evilive label? Was it a “Twist of Cain,” or the most logical choice? Did the Devil make you do it?

D: We started writing some songs. Glenn called me and asked me if I wanted to do some shows with him. He was starting his own label and asked if I had a demo. So I sent him four songs and he put it out.

GF: Glenn is awesome! He’s been there the whole way pushing us to the front, looking out for us in every way. He’s a great guy, and I don’t have any idea what the fuck a “Twist of Cain” is but next time I see him I am sure going to ask!

D: I’ve known the guy since I’ve been 11 years old… It was in good hands, you know.

G&C: How’d you meet Glenn?

D: He was in a band with my brother, Jerry [Only]. I used to watch those guys practice and then Jerry had bought me a guitar for my 13th birthday. Glenn showed me how to hold a bar chord, and that was it. He taught me “I Wanna Be Your Dog.” It’s either that or “Smoke on the Water.” You got your choice of which one you want to learn first.

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